What Inspections are Available When Buying a Home?

After the Buyers sign a contract to purchase a home, they will generally have a certain number of days for “due diligence.” This is the Buyers opportunity to determine if there are any problems with the home, title, etc. that would lead them to terminate the contract. (If done properly, Buyers will generally not lose their earnest money.)

The first type of inspection Buyers typically obtain is a Private Home Inspection. A Private Home Inspector looks through the entire home to find major and minor issues that the Buyers may want addressed prior to closing. For more information on how to find a Private Home Inspector, read this post.

Beyond the Private Home Inspection though, there are a number of other inspections that Buyers may want to consider and that may be suggested depending upon the situation. Among them are:

  • Termite/wood-boring insect inspection;
  • Radon inspection;
  • Lead-based paint inspection;
  • Roofing inspection;
  • Plumbing inspection;
  • Structural engineer inspection;
  • Electrical inspection;
  • Pool inspection;
  • Chimney inspection;
  • Back flow/ground sprinkler inspection/certification;
  • Gas inspection;
  • Other inspections may be available depending upon the location and specific need.

Some lenders may require a termite inspection. In Missouri, it is also common to get a radon inspection, especially if Buyers have young children, due to the sometimes high levels of radon located here.

Beyond these additional inspections, most of our clients wait until after they get their private inspection report back before determining what additional inspections are needed. That is why we advise our clients to have the Private Home Inspector visit the home as soon as possible after getting a signed contract, and to leave enough time for follow-up inspections in the event any are needed.

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