Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for a Home Closing in Missouri?

Strictly speaking, Missouri law does not require having a lawyer at your home closing, but it is highly recommended.

Why a Lawyer is helpful at closing

Why a Lawyer is helpful at closing

There are a number of reasons why the parties would want to have their own attorneys at closing. Among them are:

  • To verify the deed information is correct so that title will pass properly;
    • NOTE TO READER: We recently attended a residential closing where one of the parties was listed incorrectly. We do not believe that title would have passed properly had we not identified the mistake.
  • To explain and review the HUD-1 closing statement, and to work with the title company and lender if there are any mistakes or discrepancies on the statement;
  • To review title closing documents that unnecessarily impose liability on the Buyers, and request the title company modify or remove them from the closing file.
  • To review marked up title commitment, which determines the terms of the title insurance policy (for Buyers);
  • To review lender documents for any red flag issues of concern (for Buyers);
  • To resolve differences between the parties, or other oversights, which may require signing additional documents or amendments at closing.
  • For more information on documents that are signed at closing, read this previous post.

The price for hiring an attorney just for closing is relatively inexpensive in the context of the home sale/purchase. As of 2015, our office attends closings in person for a flat fee of $499 anywhere in St. Louis County or St. Louis City, or by phone/video conferencing elsewhere in Missouri.

If you would like to hire us to attend your closing, or have questions about closing, please contact us at 314.862.2237 or at

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