What Documents Should I Review Before Coming to a Home Closing?

Anytime you are preparing to enter into a major financial transaction, it is wise to review the underlying contracts and other documents. In a home closing, those documents might include:

Documents to review prior to closing

Documents to review prior to closing

  • The Sales Contract,
  • Amendments to the Contract,
  • Inspection Notice,
  • Final Walk-through Notice, and
  • Any other documents that require either of the parties to provide something at or prior to closing, such as additional funds, certificates or other documentation.

In our experience, some of the things that often get overlooked are:

  • Whether Seller is required to provide a home warranty;
  • Whether Seller is required to provide lien waivers, due to repairs at Buyer’s request;
  • Whether Seller is required to provide a passing gas inspection;
  • Whether Seller is required to provide a passing local government or fire district inspection;
  • Whether Buyer or Seller needs to provide a Certificate of Trust, if they are acting in a Trustee capacity.

If you have an attorney, he or she will likely review these documents prior to closing. In addition, both you and your attorney should review the HUD-1 Closing statement and other closing documents provided by the title company and lender. Read this post for more information on closing documents.

Properly preparing for closing in our experience leads to a much smoother closing of the transaction.

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